Chicago Women to Watch 2014

Women to Watch
Every year brings a new set of inventions, movies, colors and words of the year, and of course…a new set of women to take on the world!  There is a new pack of city-changing ladies in Chicago and 2014 will mean a whole lot to look forward to.  Here are our top Chicago “Women to Watch” for 2014…
Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss — Founders, The Everygirl: The Everygirl is an online guide-to-life that offers career features, home tours, style profiles, and more. Launched in February 2012 by a Chicago native and her friend, the site has now made Forbes’ list of top destinations for millennial women (twice!) It also has its own product line of inspirational and colorful products that we love.  The website might be for “the everygirl” but its content is fresh and inspiring, and they feature Chicago women you’ll all want to know – like themselves!
Lindsey Cavanaugh — Social Media and Communications Manager, The DineAmic Hospitality Group: Cavanaugh is a St. Louis native, but became an official Chicago girl at heart in recent years thanks to a love of lakeside bike rides and Jet’s Pizza. In keeping with her love of food, she is at the heart of promoting restaurants like Siena Tavern, Bull & Bear Bar and Grill and Public House (some of our favorite spots!) There’s no stopping a blonde with ambition, and 2014 should be a big year for The DineAmic Hospitality Group and Cavanaugh, too!
Lindsay Avner, CEO, Bright Pink: This one is a do-gooder! At 23, Avner discovered she had a gene mutation that put her at high risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.  But instead of sitting on her laurels, Avner immediately went to work.  Less than two years later, she founded Bright Pink, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating high-risk women on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer. Half a decade later, she is still encouraging women to “be bright” about their health education, and her influence will only continue to grow.
Cecily Strong — Comedian, Saturday Night Live: Probably the most famous lady on our list (at least for now), Strong is a Windy City girl who graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts and later performed at The Second City and iO Chicago, the Goodman Theater, and the Mercury Theater.  She joined Saturday Night Live in 2012 and in 2013 stepped up alongside Seth Meyers behind the infamous Weekend Update desk. But with Meyers leaving SNL, Strong will be stepping even more into the spotlight.  Keep an eye on her for even more laughs in 2014!
Brandi Archer — Designer, Archer Townsend: Archer launched Archer Townsend, a women’s contemporary knitwear line, in 2011.  This brand, sewn in the heart of Chicago, is perfect for a Windy City woman who loves comfort and serious style. Archer Townsend started off in private showrooms as semi-custom clothing for retail clients, but began to sell online and to select boutiques in 2013. Now, Archer pieces are making their way to boutiques from coast to coast!
Lauren Nelson — Blogger and Stylist (Honorable Mention): Honorable mention goes to our fellow blogger, and recent New York transplant, Nelson from The Girls of Lincoln Park.  GLP is one of our favorite Chicago blogs for fashion and interior design news, and we know Nelson has some big news coming up in 2014! Stay tuned (We sure will be…)

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  1. Christian VandeRiet, RN CPSN says

    Lindsey Cavanaugh is definately an up and coming female in Chicago! This girl has the talent and GUSTO like no one Ive ever seen!


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