5 DIY Updates for your Closet

So the weather is (finally!) warming up, and you’re itching to go shopping, but before you head out to the mall, you might want to check out your own closet … and your local craft store. Because we’ve got some fab DIY tips that will help you revamp the clothes you already own so you don’t have to break the bank to revamp your wardrobe this season.

1. The DIY T-Shirt Dress


For this project all you need is a pair of scissors and a super big t-shirt. With a few cuts and strategically-placed knots, you can transform a something-you’d-only-wear- around-the-house to a comfy dress that is on trend for the spring.

Get the step-by-step tutorial here!

2. DIY 3-Strap Bra

diy three strap backless bra

Backless garments are everywhere this season and we love it. However, for the more well-endowed ladies, this trend can be a nuisance. No one wants ugly bra straps peeking through and bandeaus aren’t exactly supportive. The solve? A new trick that will transform your favorite strapless bra into a fun alternative to a bandeau. DIY this and you’ll be dying to show off your back.

Get the step-by-step here!

3. DIY Bow-Back Shirt
diy bow back t shirt
Speaking of backless… time to make our own! This DIY is a fun new take on the open-back top. You can easily make this one your own between the shirt you pick to modify, the fabric you make your bows out of and how many bows you actually choose. Your friends will be crazy impressed with your sewing skills, even though it’s actually quick and easy.

Get the step-by-step here!

4. DIY Fringe Scarf
This cute spring scarf was actually a t-shirt in its part life. Grab a pair of scissors and a t-shirt with a fun pattern to make something to wear on the days where the spring weather is not so warm. Which in Boston and Chicago, can be quite often.

Get the step-by-step here! Image via

5. DIY Bold Pumps

Plain black pumps bringing down your bubbly spring style? Not anymore. With some fabric paint, you can make your heels fun and festive. Everyone will be wondering where you got these shoes!

Get the step-by-step here!


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