Dining Room Makeover with Decorist

dining room makeover - decorist 1

When my husband and I moved into a three-bedroom house from a one-bedroom apartment in the city, I realized how few things I'd actually owned (not counting shoes) over the last ten years. Once we moved everything into the house and unpacked it all, I was like "That's IT?" Because all of our stuff basically fit in the living room. To help us make use out of more than just one room in the house without going broke, we've had to get creative about where we're getting our … Continue ➤

We Tried It: A Night Out with the Tablelist App


When I was 21 and lived in New York, I was really into "the scene." If I saw a club or bar in the US Weekly Buzz-o-Meter, you bet your Bebe dress I'd be there the next weekend, standing in line for an hour in the middle of January in a mini and heels 'til I got in. Cut to a few years later, and my mentality has changed a bit. Now, if I walk up to a bar and there's a line outside, I immediately turn around and find somewhere else to go. Because ain't nobody got time … Continue ➤

Women We Love: Amanda Downing of Rockit Chicago


Rockit Bar & Grill's River North location in Chicago is known for it's tasty comfort food and fun atmosphere, and some of our favorite menu items are all thanks to Executive Chef Amanda Downing.  A Chicago native, Downing has been in the kitchen since she was a child, and has a love for family style food.  Under her expertise, the restaurant has earned "Best Burger" call outs from media juggernauts like Good Morning America and expanded to include a Wrigleyville … Continue ➤

House of Kait: Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet painting - before after

Last week, I showed a couple of photos of the kitchen in my new house, which is not exactly what you'd call updated, or even of this era. If my dishwasher were a car, it'd be a '65 Chevy. And, while the room still has a long way to go before it's the kitchen of my dreams, I did make a huge update since we moved in: I painted the cabinets. All of them, inside and out. I also changed the hardware, and gave the wood paneling that covers half of the walls a fresh coat of … Continue ➤

In Case You Missed It: Anna Wintour Gets Doused in Ice Water, the Highest Paid Models, and More Fashion News…


There's few things in fashion that I ever thought I'd be shocked over, but Anna Wintour being nominated and actually completing the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, definitely tops the list of things I NEVER ever thought would happen. But lo and behold the EIC proved everyone wrong and did indeed get doused in ice water for a good cause (how is it that she still looks as chic as ever, while doing it). While you're still processing that video, here are the other stories you may … Continue ➤

GuyTalk: Man Caves, The Mystery Solved

Man Cave_Edit II

This month, with our theme being all around the house and home, we had a bit of a discussion around the topic of our monthly GuyTalk column.  Though our trusted writer, Will Wilson from Major Onions, is certainly no slouch in the kitchen, home decor is far from his specialty.  But there is one room in every house that women certainly will never understand: The Man Cave. Why do they need it? Why call it a cave? What goes ON in there? Will stepped in to answer our … Continue ➤

12 Perfect August Outfit Ideas

august outfits

August might be the most confusing month to dress for–you've got stores already into the fall season with jackets and boots, but you're still trying not to sweat in your cutoffs and tank. If you're feeling that "I have nothing to wear" dilemma that is all too real in this heat, here are 12 perfect august outfits styled by our favorite fashionistas. If they can brave the heat and still look cute, we can too (at least that's what I tell myself!)  1. Trousers You can't … Continue ➤

11 Instagram Accounts to Follow for DIY Decor Inspiration


With all the DIY inspiration happening this month with Kait's new house and our own take on confetti champagne flutes, what better time to turn to instagram for a little DIY inspiration. While some people might have the DIY bug all year round, there's something about fall that makes me want to dabble in as many projects as I can. Whether it's painting my new finds from a good antiquing session or creating some new wall art, I like to start off the season releasing my … Continue ➤

Love and Dating without the “Three Day Rule”

Three Day Rule and Match.com Event

Everyone has their own dating rules, relationship "checklist" and love pitfalls, but when is it time to buck tradition and just do what works for you?  Apparently the time is now! Match.com recently integrated a new dating strategy into their already popular matchmaking website to offer a service unlike any other: Three Day Rule. With date coaching, personal styling, pre-dating potential mates, and an amazing staff of matchmakers; Three Day Rule puts a human touch back … Continue ➤

Women We Love: Gretchen Hansen, CEO and Founder of Decorist

gretchen - decorist

If you've ever coveted a room on Pinterest, but had no idea where to start creating it in your own home, you're going to love Gretchen Hansen. She's made interior design accessible to pretty much everyone, through her new site, Decorist . For less than $200, you can get the expertise of one of the site's designers, who will evaluate pictures of your room, your style, your budget and your wish list for the space, and come up with two room plans, plus a list of where to … Continue ➤