In Case You Missed It: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim Week, Cara Delevingne Works Out in Chanel, and More….

We Are Handsome, Miami Swim Fashion Week, Spring 2015

There was no shortage of fashion craziness this week from Cara Delevingne lifting weight in Chanel to models with snakes used as accessories at Swim Week (because that's causal right?) Check out our six favorite stories, and be sure to bust out tissues for the last one, because another celeb bachelor is no longer on the market (and so soon after the Ryan Gosling baby announcement, how much more can we take)! 1. Luxury brands have been no stranger to creative director … Continue ➤

6 Simple Summer Cocktail Recipes

summer cocktail

What could be better in the summer than a nice cocktail by the pool (hopefully while you're lounging somewhere tropical and work is in the way distant future). But while a summer vacay might not be on the horizon, do you ever really need an excuse to have a pretty drink? We think not. Here are six of our favorite (and you better believe we tried them all) easy-to-make summer cocktails–because if you're going to be making a drink the last thing you want to do is slave … Continue ➤

Sunday Funday: Chicago’s Best Brunch Spots

Travelle Brunch

There's really no arguing with me on this; brunch is always the best meal of the day.  And during the summertime when brunch can be had out on a patio or at least on a bright and shining morning, there is no better way to spend the weekend in the Windy City! But with all-you-can-eat and drink brunches popping up all over the city, it's hard to separate the men from the boys of Chicago brunches. Here's my breakdown of the best spots in town... … Continue ➤

How to Create the Perfect Ponytail


From a functionality standpoint, there's no better summer hairstyle that the ponytail. It keeps you cool, it's easy to wear and even easier to do. From a style standpoint, however, the average ponytail has never exactly been on the same plane as the fishtail braid or the salon blowout. Until now, that is. Because we got the hair experts at Salon Mario Russo in Boston to share their step-by-step guide to the Perfect Ponytail. Their version is cute, it's … Continue ➤

Women We Love: Nicole Shariat Farb of Darby Smart

Darby Smart III

Have you ever tried to create the Pinterest project of your dreams, only to end up with an expensive mess on your hands? We've all probably been there, but luckily, we never have to be again thanks to Darby Smart.  The brainchild of Nicole Shariat Farb, Darby Smart is a DIY site that supplies project inspiration as well as all the materials you need to make your own jewelry, home projects and more! From her first ever DIY of the Magazine Clutch to her latest favorite, … Continue ➤

In Case You Missed It: Must-See Fall Campaigns, Blake Lively’s New Site and More…


After a short vacation, "in case you missed it" is back this week with all of the fashion news you may have missed (and believe me there's a lot of it to take in). 1. It's that time of year again: fall campaigns are starting to pop up in magazines everywhere and I for one can't get enough. This week's must-sees are Joan Smalls channeling a Sci-Fi vibe for Missoni in muted geometric prints and Edie Campbell in Alexander McQueen looking hauntingly beautiful in a series … Continue ➤

15 Food Bloggers You Have to Follow


Ever since moving into my first apartment in college, I've always taken the hands off approach to cooking (aka I survive on prepared meals at Whole Foods and the occasional bowl of cereal to round out my diet). But since July is dedicated to anything and everything involving eating and drinking here at L&C, I had to embrace my inner Betty Crocker in some way. My first stop, of course, was social media to find the best food bloggers around. Here are 15 of my favorite … Continue ➤

Wining and Dining the Summer Away

Wine Bar

Entertaining during any season is all about having the right food and drink for your crowd, and this is even more true in the summer.  When the beautiful weather creates the ambiance for you, and people don't need an excuse to get out and party, it's all about having the right stuff at the table!  So I sat down with the dynamic duo behind Chicago's MAX's Wine Dive, Chef Jessica Brumleve and Wine Sales Manager Kristin Irwin, to get all the best tips and tricks for picking … Continue ➤

3 Summer Sangria Recipes We Love

Peach Sangria

There are certain things that make you think of summertime: sunglasses, baseball, flip flops, hammocks, and the beach might be some of them, but a good cocktail surely is our numero uno! From weekends spent on patios to happy hour early escapes from work, a good cocktail can define a summer day.  So when we heard one of our favorite alcohol brands, Ciroc, had new recipes for Summer 2014 Sangrias...we jumped at the chance to try our hand as bartender! … Continue ➤

Women We Love: Cheryl Scott, Meteorologist at NBC Chicago

Photo courtesy of DBGC Chicago

If you live in Chicago, chances are you know Cheryl Scott as the pretty girl on NBC who keeps you updated on one of the city's hottest topics: the weather. But Scott is way more than just a "weather girl." She's an ivy league grad, a former Division 1 track star (her best long jump topped out around 19 feet), a science nerd, an enthusiastic dog mom, a hard worker and a humble success story. Here, we chat with the meteorologist about life on TV and off. HOW DID … Continue ➤