Chicago Brides: Places to Primp

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A woman's wedding day is likely the most photographed one in her life, so there is a lot of pressure to look picture perfect.  But that isn't always easy, and one thing no bride needs is more stress.  Luckily for Chicago brides, I have rounded up the best places and experts to go to for some top notch bridal primping.  From the engagement photos to the first night of wedded bliss, I've got you covered! … Continue ➤

10 Instagram Accounts All Brides Should Follow

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When one of my best friends told me that her boyfriend had proposed, the first thing (well maybe second thing, after a quick screaming and jumping up and down session) we did was to start following every single instagram that had to do with weddings. We scanned through every #bridal hashtag and screenshotted our favorites in a pretty extensive text conversation that would have certainly given anyone wedding fever. Here is a list of our 10 favorite accounts…and don't say … Continue ➤

Best Jean Shorts for Your Body Type This Summer

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Spring is finally here, and summer seems to be just around the corner, so it's time to start doing those squats and getting ready for shorts season!  Classic but always dependable, jean shorts of all kinds are still the place to start building your casual summer wardrobe, but finding the right pair isn't always easy.  We have top tips and recommendations for finding that perfect pair of cut-offs to show off your stems... … Continue ➤

5 Wedding Registry Must-Haves (and 3 Things to Skip)

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As shallow as this might make me sound, I'll admit that I put a lot of thought into my wedding registry. My husband and I have always lived in small apartments together, and abide by the mantra, "Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." So if I was going to basically be asking people to buy me these things, I wanted to make sure that I was going to keep them, so the had to meet one of these criteria. Of course, after … Continue ➤

In Case You Missed It: Alexander Wang for H&M, Kate Spade for Gap Kids, and more…


This week was definitely a blur (how can it already be Friday?), but hey we're not complaining that the weekend is only one work day away! If your week was just as hectic, we rounded up all the fashion news you may have missed (and need to know) before you head into Easter weekend (and eat yourself into a Cadbury creme egg coma)! 1. In our favorite fashion news of the week– Alexander Wang has just announced that he will be doing a collaboration with H&M. If it's … Continue ➤

Pretty Bridesmaid Dresses Made Easy

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It's no secret that finding bridesmaid dresses can be a struggle.  No bride wants to be the one intoning "You can totally shorten it and wear it again!" And no bridesmaid wants to spend money on a dress they'll never wear again.  Which is why this is our second post this month focusing on bridesmaid dresses that are awesome.  Brideside, an online bridal boutique, has solved that problem for all the future Katherine Heigls out there. … Continue ➤

GuyTalk: What Really Happens at Bachelor Parties

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We at L&C do a lot of talking about girly topics - from fashion to home decor to DIY how tos - but we rarely get the guys' perspective on things.  And so with the boys in mind, we are introducing a new monthly series: GuyTalk.  Every month, our expert on all things bro, Will Wilson (from Major Onions and the ad world of Chicago), will give us his opinion on a topic we ladies have some questions about.  Today Will is tackling bachelor parties (the myth and the legend) … Continue ➤

30 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses That Are Totally Unique

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If you're anything like me, and you've been dreaming of your own wedding day since you were five, you might just have to sit down before scrolling through these dreamy wedding dresses. Although my five year old hopes of a Barbie dream wedding dress have long been replaced with a gorgeous one of a kind Marchesa gown (think Nicole Richie's 2010 Black Swan-esque dress) not much else has changed in my dream wedding plans. If your big day is coming up soon, or you're just … Continue ➤

How to Look Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

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For upcoming brides,  finding the right photographer is a key step in any wedding to-do list, as this is the person who will be capturing the most important day of your life!  So you need to find the right one, and get ready for those must-capture moments from the engagement announcement to the first dance.  Luckily for you, we got top tips for how to look your best in your wedding photos from Chicago photographer, and bridal expert, Cara Nava from Carasco Photography. … Continue ➤

The Real Housewives Make Good Jeans (Our April BJB Express Box Has Arrived)

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I will explain that title in just a sec. But first…. Last month, I told you about my busy woman's wardrobe saver, BJB Express, which is basically a curated selection of clothing, based on your style, delivered directly to your door each month. Yes, this really does exist, and yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. You get to choose what you like, and whatever you don't like, you send back with a prepaid UPS label. Anyway, after choosing a few things from last month's … Continue ➤